Month: September 2017

Cell Phone Etiquette Tips

Operating instructions are generally included in the packaging with new cell phones. User instructions are not included. We’ve all been held hostage by that person who speaks loudly on their cell phone in a confined public space. It’s just plan rude. No doubt you’ve stood behind someone at a check-out line that is more interested in their cell phone conversation than the process of checking out. The worst, which we all know, is being cut off by our own friends and family as they check their phones mid-sentence. Watching a nearby driver text and drive evokes a completely different set of fears. Basic cell phone etiquette is not complicated. Follow these recommendations from the experts to ensure you’ve properly tamed your cell phone usage.

People don’t remember what you said as much as they remember how you made them feel. Regardless of the generation, if your priority is your phone, for whatever reason, over the person sitting in front of you, that will be perfectly clear to them as you pull out your phone mid-sentence. Cell phone etiquette is about simple respect and courtesy. Focus on who you are with and where you are. If you’re in a subway car, don’t discuss business on your phone. When in restaurants there is absolutely no reason for your phone to even be on the table. There’s a growing trend when dining as a group for everyone to place their phones in a pile in the center of the table. If anyone dares to reach for their phone, the dinner check is on them.  Respect where you are. Appreciate and be more interested in those around you than in your phone. If you must take a call in a public place, step away from the crowd, out of earshot and do not put your phone on speaker. Make the call brief. If you’ve taken advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupon and selected one of the cool accessories available from Forever 21, by all means share with your friends – and then put your phone away.


When in a professional setting, your phone should remain on silent. If you arrive to a meeting early, instead of checking (or hiding behind) your phone, take the initiative to actually speak to the person next to you.  You’ll learn about the upcoming meeting, what they’re engaged in or maybe some small personal piece about them.  Any of these will have more value than checking social media.